Revised Edition of “The Firemen and Electrical Equipment”

Issue 11 and Volume 105.

Revised Edition of “The Firemen and Electrical Equipment” A new, revised edition of the bulletin “The Firemen and Electrical Equipment” has been issued by the Department of Public Instruction, Lansing, Michigan. The revised edition, known as Bulletin No. 280, includes a number of minor changes based on recommendations made by members of the Safety Committee of the Edison Electric Institute, as well as the objective of bringing it into conformity with current utility practices. The original editions of this comprehensive work have had wide popularity among members of the fire service and led to its being distributed by the International Association of Fire Chiefs. It is expected the revised edition will be received with equal acclaim. The Bulletin of 52 pages and cover, plastic bound, may be secured by addressing the University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Single copies are 50c each with discounts for quantities.

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