Mutual Aid Pays Off in Sacramento

Issue 1 and Volume 106.

Mutual Aid Pays Off in Sacramento The people of Sacramento, Calif., received a dramatic demonstration of how organized mutual aid can function for their protection during a major fire emergency, on November 11, last. The terse account likewise may point the road to better mutual aid between other fire departments. On November 11, many of Sacramento’s paid firemen, together with volunteers from neighboring areas, were watching the Armistice Day parade in downtown Sacramento. A few firemen were parading with their veterans’ organizations. Sacramento’s Engines, 1, 2, Ladder 4 were also in the line of march. At 10:11 A.M., the Sacramento Fire Alarm Bureau received a telephone alarm reporting a bad fire in the Arata Brothers Market, 34th Street and Third Ave., in the Oak Park business district. Engines 6, 7, 9, Ladder 3, Ambulance 1 and a Battalion Chief responded. As the crew of Engine 6. one and one-half blocks…

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