Issue 6 and Volume 106.

FALSE ALARMS The Roving Reporter Billy aged nine, was told by his teacher to write a story about his origin. He promptly went home and questioned his mother: “Mom, where did Grandma come from?” “The stork brought her, dear.” “Well then where did you come from?” pursued Billy. “The stork brought we too.” “Did he bring me too?” “You too, son.” With a little frown, billy wrote the lead paragraph for his article: “There have been no natural births in our family for three generations.” A wedding ring is like a tourniquet —it stops circulation. Truck Mechanic: “With a rig like this, my advice is to keep moving.” Trucker: “Why?” Truck Mechanic: “If you ever stop, the cops will think it’s an accident.”- A teacher in Brooklyn said: “Joey, give me a sentence using the word ‘bewitches’.” After deep thought, Joey replied: “Youse go on ahead—I’ll bewitches in a minute.”…

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