World Wide Fire News

Issue 8 and Volume 106.

World Wide Fire News Guatemala Blast Toll, 21 Dead A big mystery explosion in a grocery warehouse in downtown Guatemala City on June 30, last, killed 21 persons and injured 40 others, sending sheets of flame through a crowded near-by hotel and homes. The number of dead was at first placed at 31 but revised when missing persons were located. Property loss in the blast is estimated at between $500,000 and $1,000,000. Cause of the explosion, which shook the entire city of 300,000, was not definitely determined but believed to be sabotage. Police and Army investigators entertained the idea the dynamite may have been connected with a possible plot against the government. In the blast the thick-walled concrete warehouse was demolished. An adobeconstruction hotel adjoining collapsed, burying its victims. Rescue workers and volunteer firemen aided by derricks and bulldozers lent by the U. S.-owned International Railway, the municipal government and…

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