Questions and Answers

Issue 8 and Volume 106.

Questions and Answers Residual Pressure in Relay Lines To the Editor: In a number of publications the recommendation is made that the pumper at the source of supply, in relaying water, and the intermediate pumpers supply the next pumper with 40, 50 and 60 pounds pressure at the suction intake. I do not subscribe to this because it imposes an unnecessary strain on the supplying pumper in pressure production. To my way of thinking, if the pumper receiving the supply is in fairly decent shape, 20 or 25 pounds supply at the intake would be adequate for this pumper to build up pressure to the required outlet pressure. Then again, this lowered suction intake pressure would allow the supplying pumper to be placed at a greater distance from the pumper it supplies. What is your opinion? J. D. Answer: It is not necessary for a pumper to deliver a residual…

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