Holbrook Forms Own Fire Department

Issue 12 and Volume 106.

Holbrook Forms Own Fire Department Donald Holbrook, whose name is well known among New England—and particularly New Hampshire—fire fighters, and who owns a year-round home in the Bowkerville area of Fitzwilliam, that state, has formed the Meadowbrook Fire Company of Fitzwilliam. It isn’t exactly a private fire brigade, nor is it by any means Holbrook’s fire company—it is today a full scale, volunteer fire unit which cooperates closely with the two volunteer fire departments now established in Fitzwilliam and Troy, N. H. But a word about this fellow Holbrook. In business and professional life Don Holbrook is a business analyst and manager of invested capital, with offices at 84 State street, Boston. But most of the time he is a student of fire protection and prevention. In that capacity he has “lived” fire and suppression since he was able to tag along after the old steamers. His search for knowledge…

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