World Wide Fire News

Issue 12 and Volume 106.

World Wide Fire News Fates Were Kind in This Instance, Also! Just to show that once in awhile the Fates are kind, this incident is worth recording. It happened on the same day as another near-disaster, also in Indiana, on the outskirts of Logansport. And it concerns one William Holmes, 32, who was arrested and charged with driving a truckload of gunpowder while under the influence of liquor. The police nabbed Holmes on the 16th, as his truck was encountered weaving across the highway just outside Logansport, with a load of black gunpowder from Kingsbury Ordnance Plant, on its way to Ravenna, Ohio. Readers can write their own caption for this “near-miss.” Navy Continues to Have Fires A fire swept the waterfront of the Mare Island Navy Yard at Vallejo, Calif., on Oct. 4th, destroying a Navy tug loaded with cable and gas cylinders and barge, a tug office, several…

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