Short Cuts and Gadgets

Issue 12 and Volume 106.

Short Cuts and Gadgets TO KEEP SCREEN OFF THE BOTTOM Comes an idea from John F. Martyn, assistant chief of the Jamestown (N. Y.) Fire Department, which we pass along to the faithful. It has to do with reminding those who would draft in shallow water, to watch out about getting the intake end of the suction hose or sleeve on the bottom. But let him tell it— “In all training schools,” says Chief Martyn, “particularly those devoted to volunteer departments, a considerable amount of emphasis is placed on the importance of keeping the male end, with suction screen attached, off the bottom of rivers, lakes or other sources of water in order that debris of various kinds will not be sucked up into the pump.” “My idea is that some kind of a warning be placed on each suction hose— something like this: NOTE SCREEN— KEEP OFF BOTTOM. It…

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