News of the Manufacturers

Issue 12 and Volume 106.

News of the Manufacturers On-the-Spot Recordings Miles Reproducer Co,, Inc., New York 3, N. Y., has introduced a self-powered, one-unit, combination “briefcase” recorder-reproducer which permits permanent, lengthy sound recordings on-the-spot, ranging up to 4 hours. The unit, which weighs only 9 lbs. including built-in batteries, requires no external wires or plugs. Recordings can be made in the field, indoors or outdoors, stationary or mobile, riding or flying. The device is known as the “WalkieRecordall” and it will pick up and record audible speech within a radius of up to 40 feet. Deodorant for Elimination of Smoke and Fire Odor One of the scientific developments which is contributing to reduction of fire losses and to improvement of salvage operations is that of chemical smoke and odor removers. Now comes a new type of deodorant introduced by Thompson Chemicals Corporation, St. Louis 3, Mo., which offers, it is said, still further opportunity…

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