Short Cuts and Gadgets

Issue 1 and Volume 107.

Short Cuts and Gadgets CHURCH STEEPLE PROTECTION For many years fire chiefs and fire protection engineers have come forth with ideas to fire-safe that frequent and costly fire-breeder, the church steeple. Some of these ideas were predicated upon the use of sprinklers. But thus far, no single idea has had very general acceptance. And still churches burn, from the steeple down. One of the fire chiefs who has refused to be discouraged by failure of the fire service to reach some sort of solution is Chief William H. Rosche of Canton, Ohio. He has come up with a simple system which ought to be possible of installation by any religious body that has wisdom enough to appreciate the hazards presented by the majority of church steeples. The accompanying diagram gives details. The plan calls for a three-inch pipe riser extending vertically outside the structure to the first floor, where it…

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