Issue 1 and Volume 107.

QUESTIONS and ANSWERS Testing Carbon Dioxide Cylinders To the Editor: We are interested in testing carbon dioxide cylinders and valves as used for fire extinguishers, both separately and when assembled. We would appreciate your supplying us with the specifications and methods employed by American fire departments. S. L. Answer: The U. S. Bureau of Explosives and the Interstate Commerce Commission regulations covering all sizes and types of carbon dioxide cylinders include the following provisions: Every new cylinder is hydrostatically tested to a minimum pressure of 3,000 pounds before it is stamped I. C. C. with numbers indicating the month and year of the approval test date. All empty cylinders to be recharged whose test date exceeds five (5) years must again be tested and withstand, without leakage, a minimum hydrostatic pressure of 3,000 pounds before they are recharged and stamped with a new approval test date. This requirement only applies…

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