Issue 2 and Volume 107.

Viewpoints THERE’S more to a fire than meets the eye. Ask six newspaper reporters to cover a fire—and you’ll get six different viewpoints, and as many different stories. That isn’t just because every fire has six sides—and it does—it is because none of us sees alike, thinks alike, reasons alike or writes alike. That’s what complicates the job of editing an engineering Journal like FIRE ENGINEERING. We can’t treat every fire report from everybody’s viewpoint; about all we can do is research it, and we hope, present the story factually, and interestingly. And this calls for not only good reporting, but good researching! After research comes writing and editing, and then, perhaps re-writing and re-editing! Not every fire account included in these pages gets the full six-sided treatment—after all, many reports are straight from the horse’s mouth—the fire chief who fought the fire! Most of our reports are from him…

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