News of the Manufacturers

Issue 2 and Volume 107.

News of the Manufacturers New Communication Devices Two new devices for short or intermediate range communication—a battery-powered megaphone for distances up to a quarter of a mile and a radio transceiver for two-way communication —have been announced by StewartWarner Electric, the television, radio and electronics division of StewartWarner Corporation, 1826 Diversey Pkwy., Chicago 14, Ill. The radio transceiver, called the “Portafone,” carries Federal Communications Commission Class B radio telephone type approval, and operates in the citizens’ radio hand at a fixed frequency of 465 megacycles. The citizens’ hand is that segment of the ultra high frequency spectrum which lies between the Land Mobile Radio Services and the UHF television channels. The Portafone may be operated as a portable radio station when used with a battery pack, or as a fixed central radio station by connecting it to a special power pack designed to plug into any 115 volt, 60 cycle,…

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