Questions and Answers

Issue 2 and Volume 107.

Questions and Answers Temperatures of Burning Cigarettes and Matches To the Editor: During class discussion of the burning temperature of various material, several questions were asked, the correct answers to which we could not supply. Would appreciate your help. What is the temperature of a burning cigarette? What is the temperature while actually being smoked ? What is the temperature when lit but just being held in one’s hand or lying in an ash tray ? What is the temperature of a burning match? F. R. P. Answer: With reference to the temperature of a burning cigarette, this is one of those simple questions which unfortunately can’t be answered so simply. The temperatures generated vary with the dryness of the tobacco, the draft conditions, the amount of sodium nitrate used in the tobacco to accelerate combustion, and some other factors, and the temperatures themselves are not easily measured accurately. However,…

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