Issue 2 and Volume 107.

FALSE ALARMS “Were there any powder marks on the body of your dead husband?” the coroner asked. “Certainly, there were powder marks,” replied the widow. “That’s why I shot him!” Sermon to Remember A wealthy farmer decided to go to church on Sunday. After the services he approached the preacher with much enthusiasm. “Reverend, that was a damn good sermon you gave, damned good.” “I’m satisfied that you liked it, but why use such terms in expressing yourself?” “I can’t help it, Reverend, I still think it was a damned good sermon. As a matter of fact, I was so impressed, I put a hundred dollar bill in the collection plate.” “The heri you did.” License plate on a hearse in Connecticut: U2 . . . Backfired A very mean man went into a glassware shop in search of a gift for a friend. After spending some time looking at…

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