Fire Service Ventilation in Principle and Practice

Issue 2 and Volume 107.

Fire Service Ventilation in Principle and Practice Part IV—Top or Vertical, Ventilation Editor’s note: Chapter I of this series on Ventilation (November, 1953), reviewed the fundamentals, purposes, requirements and limitations of modern ventilation. Chapter II (December, 1953, issue) took up the technical questions of the principles of combustion and behavior of fire with relation to removal of smoke, heat and gases from a building. It also discussed explosions and backdrafts. Chapter III went at some length into the hazards of too hasty, ill-ordered and poorly executed ventilation. With these basic preliminaries in mind, it is appropriate to study and discuss in greater detail the application of some of the principles and practices only touched upon in previous installments. In so doing, it should be remembered that ventilation is among the most important of the fire fighter’s tasks, and one for which no universal operational procedures can be laid down. Just…

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