With Our Readers

Issue 2 and Volume 107.

With Our Readers About Fire Prevention To the Editor: Upon reading about the fire prevention efforts among school population of Colorado Springs, Col., it occurred to me other readers might be interested in the method we invoke here to get our message across to the lower grades. During Fire Prevention Week, at our request students of the 5th and 6th grades of all schools are urged by their teachers to write “slogans” teaching some fire prevention lesson. Returns are most gratifying . . . the number entering the contest is considerable. Some of the original “jingles” are clever, but above all, even though most of them are remote from rhyme, we note that they are getting the idea. They have learned what fire prevention is, and why it is. They know many things that cause fires, and nearly all of them stress carelessness. We give cash prizes of $3.00 to…

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