Montreal Salvage Trucks

Issue 4 and Volume 107.

Montreal Salvage Trucks During March the Montreal Fire Department took delivery of the last units in a fleet of ten new salvage trucks, replacing all of its salvage company apparatus. The new trucks are Fargo Route Vans which have been adapted in the Montreal City Shops. Many of the department’s nine salvage companies are already equipped with these two-way radio rigs. Each new truck features large rear doors through which the crews can walk, standing up, into the roomy interior, where equipment is stored with maximum accessibility. Equipment carried by each Montreal Fire Department salvage company includes 70 salvage covers, brooms, mops, squeegees, sponges, sawdust, roofing paper and other of the usual salvage tools. In addition, each has three selfcontained breathing masks, an inhalator, a 1500-watt light plant and three floodlights. The Montreal department operates at least one salvage company in each district and this responds to every alarm in…

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