Short Cuts and Gadgets

Issue 4 and Volume 107.

Short Cuts and Gadgets VERSATILE RESCUE CRAFT In its February, 1954, issue, this Journal published a picture and caption describing the drowning of two firemen of the Rochester, Minn., Fire Department in an effort to rescue a 9-year-old boy who had fallen through the ice. The tragedy focussed nationwide attention on the hazards of such rescue operations. Among the letters which came over the editor’s desk, following publication of the story, was one from Carl H. Smith, Chief of the Saranac Lake, N. Y. Fire Department, one fire organization that gets plenty of water workouts, winter and summer. Chief Smith writes as follows: “I send you a picture of a “Short Cut’’ but no “gadget.” Our truck, which carries our boat at all times, could just as well have been the apparatus that carried the Rochester, Minn., firemen to the scene of the drowning. (If it had, the story might…

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