News of the Manufacturers

Issue 4 and Volume 107.

News of the Manufacturers “Audio Hailer” Electronic Megaphone A new all-electronic self-contained power megaphone has been introduced hy Audio Equipment Co., Inc., Great Neck, X.Y. Named “Audio Hailer,” it has a wide field of application in fire and other emergency services. It should find use not only on the fire ground, but on the training ground, parades, and other activities as well. It is claimed for it that it amplifies the human voice 64 times, over-riding ambient noise and wind, and that feed-back is greatly reduced. Built into the housing is a complete vacuum tube amplifying system including batteries. The device has no wires, is light in weight and compact. It is claimed by the manufacturer that it will handle over 5,000 ten-second messages without battery change. Total weight, with batteries is 5 1/2 lbs. Eberhardt Re-elected President of F.E.M.A. Paul W. Eberhardt has been re-elected president of the Fire…

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