Issue 4 and Volume 107.

FALSE ALARMS Difference The father was pretty irritated when he called his sons in and demanded to know who had pushed the privy into the river. “I did, father,” spoke up one lad. “Come to the woodshed,” ordered the old man. “I’m going to thrash you good.” “But, father,’ pleaded the boy, “George Washington’s father did not punish him when he told the truth. “Yes, I know,” growled the irate parent. “But George Washington’s father was not sitting in the cherry tree.” A rather inebriated gentleman left the night club, and as he went out the door, saw an elegantly dressed man in a blue uniform with gold braid and all. Assuming this to be the doorman, the drunk called, “Doorman, get me a cab.” Drawing himself to his full height, the uniformed gentleman replied, “Sir, I am a naval officer.” The drunk blinked, thought a moment, then said, “Well,…

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