Tragedy of a Discarded Match

Issue 4 and Volume 107.

Tragedy of a Discarded Match This little 19-months-old Sherill Morrow of Bridgeport, Conn., shown in the picture below, is being given a drink by Nurse Jean Hunter. It is the pathetic attermath of a fire on last New Year’s morning which sent three generations of the Morrow family to the hospital, with burns on faces and hands, and choked, seared lungs. They all lived—but— It doesn’t matter just how the blaze started in their modest home (firefighters believe that it was due to a discarded match), but it left its bitter imprint on little Sherill, her t_____ old brother, Lance; her father, Harwood; her mother Patricia, and her grandmother, Rachel. Sherill is too young to know just what it is all about—all the pain and agony, the bandages that encase her arms and hands. But when she grows older her mirror will probably remind her of a certain New Year…

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