With Our Readers

Issue 4 and Volume 107.

With Our Readers Down-Grading the Fire Service To the Editor: I have read through your editorial in the February issue of FIRE ENGINEERING concerning fire service down-graded. I wish you to know I am in full accord with you concerning this editorial. For the life of me, I cannot understand this action. As you know, I spent twelve years of my life in the Roanoke Fire Department and have served for twentyseven years as Captain of the Roanoke Life Saving Crew and now am serving as Chief of Rescue for the Civil Defense Division of the Roanoke unit. In analyzing this situation, I am in thorough accord with you concerning the possibilities of federal civil defense in fire division. It may be that you know much more about the situation than you have placed in writing. However, I feel as though the condition is serious and my purpose in this…

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