Are We Sitting Ducks For The Integrationists?

Issue 5 and Volume 107.

Are We Sitting Ducks For The Integrationists? Best Defense Against Pressure for Combining Fire and Police Forces is a Fire Protection Job Well Done INTEGRATE.,” defined by Webster, is “to form in the whole; to unite or become united so as to form a complete or perfect whole; unify;…” There’s an idea blooming in the minds of many municipal administrators and others participating in or concerned with problems of municipal government which advocates, in greater or lesser degree, a union of fire and police services with personnel designated as “firepolice” or “public safety officers.” This arrangement is commonly identified as “integrated public safety services.” and requires the training of firemen in police work and police personnel in fire service activities. As in most instances of plans and proposals involving revolutionary departure from traditional organization and policy, integration of fire and police departments (the combining of the duties of firemen and…

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