Short Cuts and Gadgets

Issue 5 and Volume 107.

Short Cuts and Gadgets HOW SAN DIEGO SOLVED STANDARDIZATION THREAD CUTTER PROBLEM By this time it is no secret that the State of California has a standardization program for fire hydrant and suction hose threads. But it may be news to many that it wasn’t as easy to accomplish the re-threading job as it was to launch the program. Down San Diego-way there was no delay in starting work on the thread cutting, but there was a snag or two, the worst one being that when the female fittings were tapped out, there was a partial feather edge left, which interfered with the proper engagement of the Higbee cut. Necessity being the mother of invention, Fire Chief G. E. Courser of that city and his Master Mechanic, Battalion Chief Robert Ely, put their heads together and the latter came up with a thread cutter that removed the feather edge thread…

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