Issue 5 and Volume 107.

The WATCH DESK Overhauling the firemanic news of the day Cure Could Be Worse Then the Disease Out Oak Ridge, Oregon, way, it’s common knowledge that one way to attract attention in Oregon’s vast wilderness of timber in the summer it to start a fire. That’s what Don Lewis, Kitson Springs fisherman, did when he lost his way. After traveling in circles for hours and getting nowhere, Lewis decided that one of the several forest lookout stations in the area would see the smoke of a “beacon” fire, and come to his rescue. So Lewis touched off a blaze. Sure enough it was spotted by a watcher at Rigdon Guard Station. In a few minutes emergency fire fighters were on the ground. They extinguished the fire after it had spread over part of an acre and was in a fair way to do a wholesale job of destruction. It could…

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