News of the Manufacturers

Issue 5 and Volume 107.

News of the Manufacturers Notifier Remote Control and Fire Station Receiving Panel Notifier Manufacturing Company, 239 So. Eleventh St., Lincoln 8, Neb., has announced an automatic remote control and fire station receiving panel which, in effect, according to the Company, makes the fire station dispatch officer a “full time night watchman within every building protected by Notifier’s auxiliary fire detection equipment.” In smaller towns, the equipment automatically (1) sets off the town fire siren; (2) indicates exactly which building has an incipient fire; (3) sounds a local alarm and shows the location within the protected building where the fire has started. Fire starting in a building protected by Notifier system is quickly detected in its early stage, the manufacturer claims, even before any flame appears. A thermostat is activated, sending a message to the auxiliary control panel, where a relay indicates location of the incipient fire and sounds a local…

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