Issue 5 and Volume 107.

Obituaries Fire Marshall Richard Drivon Dead Fire Marshal Richard Drivon, 47, of Redwood City, Calif., died of a heart attack in line of duty on April 9, while testifying in Judge Murray Draper’s Superior Court in Redwood City in an arson case. He was being cross-examined by the defense counsel when he put his hand to his face as if pondering an answer. Suddenly he collapsed. The Fire Department Resuscitator Squad was called but its efforts were in vain. Marshal Drivon was taken to Sequoia Hospital. He was pronounced dead on arrival there. Marshal Drivon had spent practically all of his adult life in the Redwood City nre service. He was appointed a Volunteer Fireman in 1931. In 1935 he was named Engineer. Advancement came again in 1937 when he was designated 2nd Assistant Chief. In 1946 Redwood City had its first opening for a full time Fire Inspector—he was…

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