What’s Burning

Issue 5 and Volume 107.

What’s Burning THE following list includes fires of $10,000 loss and over in the United States and Canada for the month of April, 1954. Month Ending April 30, 1954 Gadsden, Ala.—Piggly-Wiggly Grocery Co. destroyed. Greenville, Ala.—Greenville plant of Camelia City Dairies, destroyed. Short circuit. Beebe, Ark.—Building housing Dodd’s Implement Co. destroyed. Dierks, Ark.—Dierks Lumber Co. plant heavily damaged. Mena, Ark.—Badger Manufacturing Co.’s plant in center of business district, destroyed. Winslow, Ark.—Lloyd’s shoe store, Masonic Hall, motion picture theatre, warehouse and two buildings owned by Lloyd Parks, Shaffer’s grocery and sawmill, 30 miles south, destroyed. Anaheim, Cal.—Hille Engineering Co. plant, destroyed. Calexico, Cal.—Five buildings in central business district, destroyed. Del Paso Heights, Cal.—Del Paso Market and Taylor Lumber Yard destroyed. Little Valley, Cal.—Indian Head Lumber Co. mill destroyed. Laguna Beach, Cal.—Victor Hugo Inn damaged. Lodi, Cal.—Sprouse-Reitz Company, 5-10-15c store, damaged. Los Angeles, Cal.—Golden Wool Co. plant destroyed. Los Angeles, Cal.—Superior Honey…

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