Issue 5 and Volume 107.

FALSE ALARMS Courage The Texan was talking with the New Englander and doing considerable boasting. He recited how a few men held off armies at the Alamo. “You never had any hombres back East as brave as that,” the Texan challenged. The Easterner smiled. “Did you ever hear of Paul Revere?” he asked. “Revere? Revere?” the Texan pondered. “Isn’t he the fellow who ran for help?” Foreman (shaking his fist): “What’s this I hear about you telling everybody you see that you saw a wart on my wife?” Mechanic: “Now, see here. That’s not true. I merely said it felt like a wart. That’s how the rumor got started.” The one who thinks our jokes are poor, Would straight-way change his views Could he compare the jokes we print With those we cannot use! Father was sitting in the armchair one evening, when his little son came in and showed…

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