Old Dobbin Still King in One Fire Department

Issue 5 and Volume 107.

Old Dobbin Still King in One Fire Department With the coming of April’s spring weather seven horses embarked for green pastures and a well-deserved rest. During their seven-month vacation they will hold their heads high with a rather self-satisfied feeling their kind hasn’t been entirely replaced by oil and gas mammoths. Every winter, from December to April, they have an opportunity to strut their stuff, and last year the horses were a factor in saving two buildings during heavy snowstorms in St. John’s, Newfoundlan d. This Canadian city of 55.000 population is probably the only city in North America where the fire department still uses horses. Because of steep hills and severe blizzards, the seven horses are hired by the department every December and are kept standing by until the cold weather clears. (Continued on page 441) Dobbin Still King (Continued from page 409) The city has three fire stations…

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