With the Editor

Issue 6 and Volume 107.

With the Editor Tolls for Fire Apparatus Several years ago the Fire Chiefs’ Emergency Plan of Westchester County scheduled a monthly meeting at Hastings-on-Hudson, that county. The speaker of the evening was to be a fire chief from New Jersey. Came time for the Chief to appear, but no speaker. As the meeting was about to adjourn, the Chief and his aide, and his red fire chief’s car arrived. He explained the delay by saying the police had compelled him to get off the new Hendrik Hudson Parkway because of a standing order that no “commercial vehicles” were permitted on it. His argument with police that he was on official business; that his was far from a commercial vehicle; that he had not known that fire department vehicles could not use, the Parkway, all were unavailing. He was forced to take a roundabout route to his lecture engagement on firemanship.…

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