World Wide Fire News

Issue 6 and Volume 107.

World Wide Fire News Arsenal Employes Get Dose of Nerve Gas Seventy or more employes of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in Denver Colo., received mild doses of a deadly nerve gas, the Army disclosed on May 6th. All recovered without permanent injury, in five days. The effects of the nerve gas were reported by Arsenal medical officers at an Army-Navy-Air Force conference in Denver recently. They admitted that security regulations prevented the telling of the whole story of the effects of the “G-gas,” which can destroy the nervous system. Exposed workers told of wild dreams and nightmares, anxiety and jitters and of taking unusual chances, while they were driving. Excellent mechanical, chemical and monitoring devices were credited with limiting the injury to the 70 workers. Shocking Booby Trap Y’know It happened in dealt old England; at Plymouth, s’matter of fact. Seems that a Mr. E. R. Hyatt stuck the key…

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