World Wide Fire News

Issue 7 and Volume 107.

World Wide Fire News Confusion Over Coventry C.D. Corps Quitting Coventry (England) voted its Civil Defense Corps out of business in April, as a waste of time and money. In May, the Corps itself failed to agree with civic brass, and petitioned the Home Secretary, Sir David Maxwell Fyfe, asking him to keep the corps going. Repercussions of the decision of the City Council of the community that was devastated in the Nazi blitz of November 14, 1940, to end civil defense because it was a waste, in view of the power of the hydrogen bomb, were immediate and vehement in some quarters. Nevertheless several other City Councils throughout the “Tight Little Isle” made similar decisions in May. The Coventry petition calls on the Home Secretary to exercise his power and authority to prevent the city from “depriving the citizens of what is considered an essential service.” Philadelphia Plans Underground…

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