Short Cuts and Gadgets

Issue 7 and Volume 107.

Short Cuts and Gadgets HOW JAMESTOWN HANDLES BOX ALARM SYSTEM Jamestown, N. Y., is another city that has more or less outgrown its old box alarm system. As Fire Chief Charles R. Dorman says, “we have been adding master boxes to the system and other boxes in the downtown area whereby the number of boxes has grown from 100 in 1940 to 150 today, with more in process of being added.” “This growth,” the Chief adds, “has made the old type running charts obsolete, as they were designed for a maximum of 140 boxes.” The new system installed by the department is extendable by simply adding a 25 card rack at any time. The racks are ordinary time card holders (see pictures), each card containing information pertinent to the particular location covered by the card. Each card, furthermore, is covered by a cellophane wrap. An interesting feature of this system…

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