Issue 7 and Volume 107.

The WATCH DESK Overhauling the firemenic news of the day ROI B. WOOLLEY Champagne Flows Lite (Fire) Water Fabulously wealthy Texans, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gilliland, reportedly spent $30,000 the night of June 3rd to give themselves and some 300 invited guests —not to overlook some 200 uninvited others who crashed the gardenia-garlanded entrance way of Hollywood’s Mocambo restaurant, a “hot” wedding reception. The wayward press said the party “was remarkably orderly” the only “mishap” occurred when the cotton tulle dress of actress Marie McDonald caught fire from either a carelessly tossed cigarette, or a candle, or something. Miss McDonald’s husband, Harry Karl, beat out the flames in the flimsy material with his hands. His movie star wife received minor burns to her left leg. She fainted in the excitement, but quickly recovered, and the party went on. The only thing missing was a company of elite Blazebeaters, properly attired…

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