Issue 7 and Volume 107.

ATLANTA FIREHOUSE ENDANGERED BY BUILDING EXPLOSION Downtown Explosion and Fire Damages Station No. 4; 4-Alarms Sounded; Loss Heavy A Staff Report* A FOUR-ALARM fire literally ‘tumbled into the lap’ of firemen of Fire Station 4 of the Atlanta, Ga., Fire Department early Thursday, March 25th last, when a terrific explosion blew out the front of a five-story building in downtown Pryor street. It was just about midnight. Most of the crew of No. 4 were abed. The fireman on watch was talking to a patrolman, who had just tried the doors of the building across the street and said that everything was all right. Another member of the crew was in the rear of the station watching television. The firehouse is opposite Nos. 50-56 Pryor street NE, which at that point runs southwest to northwest and makes a turn to north and south, directly in front of the station. The…

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