Issue 7 and Volume 107.

FALSE ALARMS Comparison A flustered young man stood at the lingerie counter buying a brassiere for his wife. A charming clerk was aiding in determining the proper size. “About the size of a grapefruit?” she said. “No, smaller.” “Oh, more like oranges?” “No, still too big!” “Peach ?” “No.” “Egg?” asked the girl doubtingly. “Yeah,” drawled the man. “Fried.” Two men at a county fair were fascinated by a booth where little celluloid balls bobbed on top of water jets. Customers were offered substantial prizes if they succeeded in shooting any one of the balls off its perch. One of the men spent six quarters in a vain attempt to pick off one ball. Finally his friend pushed him aside and picked up the rifle. “Watch how I do it,” he said He took a single shot. All six balls disappeared. As they walked away from the booth laden with…

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