Buffalo School Fire Survey Bares 454 Hazards

Issue 7 and Volume 107.

Buffalo School Fire Survey Bares 454 Hazards A total of 454 fire hazards were discovered in Buffalo public schools, according to Fire Commissioner Charles W. Halloran, in a statement to Mayor Steven Pankow, following an inspection of 100 school buildings launched after the fatal fire March 31 at the annex of Cleveland Elementary School in Cheektowaga. The Commissioner said 90 per cent of hazards have already been corrected. The remaining 10 per cent of unsafe conditions are of a structural nature, such as lack of adequate fire walls, open stairways and air ducts ending in attics. Halloran also reported fire companies reach any public school in the city in a maximum of two minutes after an alarm, and stressed the necessity for quick detection ot fires. “I must repeat,” he said, “fire must be discovered by someone and the alarm sounded. Undetected fire or delayed alarms are an important factor…

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