Fire Service Ventilation in Principle and Practice

Issue 7 and Volume 107.

Fire Service Ventilation in Principle and Practice Port IX —Forced Ventilation (Use of Mechanical Air Movers) Editor’s Note: Of all of the phases of fire service ventilation, that about which the least appears to be known is the application of mechanics to the removal of contaminated atmospheres, and their replacement by fresh air. Mechanical, or forced air circulation and ventilation, is not new. Ever since the advent of the electric motor made possible the rapid movement of quantities of air by means of powered portable and stationary fans, this nation has witnessed the broadening of the application of air movers to improve and safeguard working and living conditions. Forced application of air long ago was found to speed and intensify combustion, as well as to accelerate cooling. Modem heating and air conditioning systems depend upon mechanical move- ment of air. In large areas of this nation, household cooling and ventilating…

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