Missouri Valley Chiefs Meet at Colorado Springs

Issue 8 and Volume 107.

Missouri Valley Chiefs Meet at Colorado Springs The Sixteenth Annual Meeting of the Missouri Valley Association of Fire I Chiefs was called to order by President Chief Wright Hedges in the General Palmer Room of the Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs on Monday, June 21, 1954. A full schedule had been planned by Host Chief Fred Lausch of Colorado Springs, President Hedges of Atlantic, Iowa, and the other officers of the organization. On Monday morning there was the usual business of opening such a meeting, including a very impressive memorial service to the members who bad died in the preceding year. Scientific meetings began Monday afternoon and continued through Wednesday morning. All presentations were excellent; each showed such careful preparation and thorough knowledge of the subject that it would be out of the question to comment on all of them here, but several deserve special mention. Chief George McAlpine of…

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