News of the Manufacturers

Issue 8 and Volume 107.

News of the Manufacturers New Ownership for Link Radio Corp. A new company, Link Radio Corp., 125 West 17th St., N.Y. 11, N.Y., organized under the laws of New York, has taken over complete rights and title to all of the assets of the former Link Radio Corp. (Delaware), a pioneer in the field of mobile radio communication equipment for over a decade. Murray Platt, president of the new Link Corp., announced that production lines are in full swing for all types of past and present Link equipment to meet the needs of police and fire departments, state and federal governments, civilian defense groups, etc. The new Link Radio Corp. is owned exclusively by Mr. Platt. Key executives working with Mr. Platt are: James B. Ferguson, Chief Engineer; Paul H. Bellingham and Robert W. Fisher, both Assistant Chief Engineers and District Managers; and Ignatius R. Barbitta, Central District Manager. New…

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