Questions and Answers

Issue 8 and Volume 107.

Questions and Answers Some Miscellaneous Questions To the Editor: I am preparing myself for a promotional examination and the following problems 1 need briefing on. What is the name of fireproof film, if any? When is an aerial ladder in cantilever position ? When is a ladder is tension? When is a ladder in compression. Can a ladder be in tension and the truss sides in compression? What is the best way to open a tempered glass door? Should the lock lie driven in or out? Does plate glass break into slivers once the glass has been broken? If an aerial ladder is used with a ladder pipe, is the strain the opposite or the same if the aerial were resting against a building? E.M. Answer 1. There is no such thing as fireproof film, although there is a “safety film.” The name for safety film is cellulose acetate film.…

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