Radio-Controlled Department Guards Vast County Area

Issue 10 and Volume 107.

Radio-Controlled Department Guards Vast County Area Dispatch-Report System Doubles Efficiency; Use of Portable Radiophones Speeds Operations PROVIDING fire protection for a city of 310,000 inhabitants with realty values exceeding $875,000,000 is a challenging job. However, if you spread the inhabitants and values over 615 square miles, the task becomes doubly difficult. This is the situation which daily faces the Baltimore County Fire Department (Maryland). The County almost completely surrounds the City of Baltimore and extends northward to the Pennsylvania border. It contains a densely populated suburban area fanning out for about six miles around the city, heavy industry like Bethlehem Steels’ sprawling Sparrows Point mills or the huge Glenn L. Martin plant, rich farm lands, and a multitude of schools, homes, institutions, and stores which serve a population which has doubled since 1946. Paid Stations Strategically Located A. P. Orban, Department Chief, and F. L. Cockey, Deputy Chief, explain that…

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