World Wide Fire News

Issue 10 and Volume 107.

World Wide Fire News Soviet Stresses Civilian Defense If Pravda, organ of the Communist party, is any authority, the Soviet Government apparently has ordered a major expansion of civilian defense training. A recent editorial in that paper declares the Soviet Union’s civilian military training organization must give first priority to “training the entire population in contemporary techniques of defense against aircraft and chemical warfare.” This appears to be the first major public mention of such activity appearing in the Soviet press in recent years. Hitherto, the major emphasis in the work of the Voluntary Society for assistance to the Army, Air Force, and Fleet —known after its Russian initials as DOSAAF, has been on teaching Soviet civilians the rudiments of military skills such as rifle shooting, communications specialties, parachuting and the like. Though DOSAAF is thought to have a membership of more than 10,000,000 persons among Soviet citizens, Pravda implies…

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