Short Cuts and Gadgets

Issue 10 and Volume 107.

Short Cuts and Gadgets EXHAUST PIPE PROTECTION FOR FOREST AND FIELD FIRE FIGHTERS Under given conditions, exhaust pipes of trucks may reach surface temperatures of 1,200 deg. F., which is sufficiently high to ignite grass or similar vegetation which might come in contact with the pipe. A simple and quite popular method for eliminating this possibility of fire is to change the standard exhaust line so that it enters a vertical pipe or riser mounted on the rear of the cab, the top of the exhaust being slightly higher than the roof of the cab. A length of 8 to 10 in. irrigation or similar sheet metal pipe is slipped over the vertical section of the exhaust line to permit air circulation between the exhaust pipe and shielding tube. The shielding pipe seldom reaches temperatures which are uncomfortably hot to the hand. This type of termination of the exhaust is…

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