Escaping LPG Perils Los Angeles Industrial Area

Issue 10 and Volume 107.

Escaping LPG Perils Los Angeles Industrial Area What could have been a disaster in the heart of Los Angeles was averted recently by firemen who dissipated 5,400 gallons of liquified petroleum gas that was loosed in a freak mishap. A second alarm assignment of Los Angeles found no fire when they responded to the incident, but did discover enough of the 60-40 blend of butane and propane in the tank and nearby streets to form more than 200,000 cubic feet of gas which could provide a blanket of disaster one foot deep over a 41-acre area. This situation continued for three hours. If this vapor had ignited, the loss of life and material would have resulted in one of Los Angeles’ worst disasters. Firemen dissipated the liquid, which had a flash point of less than 75 degrees Fahrenheit, with numerous spray streams. The mishap occurred because of an improperly chocked…

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