Foam Saves Another Plane

Issue 10 and Volume 107.

Foam Saves Another Plane In the August, 1954, issue of this journal there appeared a report on how fire foam was employed at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, to bring a plane to a safe landing. On September 17, the same procedure was employed at Otis Air Force Base, Falmouth, Mass. The base fire department “greased” a runway with fire foam, perhaps saving the lives of two air officers and a $450,000 plane. A wheel had jammed on a jet and disaster beckoned when the plane came in. But the fire department laid down a layer of foam 30 feet wide and 1500 feet long and the pilot, 2nd Lt. Anthony W. Cunningham, 23, was able to slide the landing wheel down the gooey runway without ground-looping. With him was 2nd Lt. Joseph J. Gallagher, 22.

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