False Alarms by Phone

Issue 10 and Volume 107.

False Alarms by Phone Ironically, two news items almost alongside each other in the Sept. 8, 1954, issue of the New York Times provide interest for those concerned with the controversy over substitution of the telephone for the orthodox fire alarm box. The first item told how the United States continues its world superiority in the number of telephones in use, stressing the fact that “average daily use of the telephone in this country continues to increase.” The accompanying item was headed “Hotel Alarms False—Reports of Woman on Ledge and Fire at Dixie Laid to Crank.” According to this account “Nine police vehicles and five fire trucks converged last night on the Dixie Hotel … in answer to two anonymous phone calls that turned out to have been made by a crank.” The story told how a man phoned Police Headquarters at 8:19 P.M. and said that a woman was…

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