Among the Buffs

Issue 10 and Volume 107.

Among the Buffs WHEN columnists begin to suspect they are writing to a stone wall, they sometimes bring the pot to boil with columns such as those in the past two issues of FIRE ENGINEERING. While I was able to get a few things aired in both columns—one on the shoddy political trick being perpetrated on Chief Engineer John H. Alderson of the Los Angeles Fire Department and the other on the lunatic fringe of buffs—I also seemed to have hit upon some tender spots. Taking first things first, the column on Chief Alderson provoked a postal card from some courageous individual in the Philadelphia area who did not care to send along his return address. Its always easy to throw such stones while purposely remaining anonymous. That being the case, plus the fact that I threw the matter open for discussion in an earlier column, I’m sure my correspondent…

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